Ride Movie: Dreamtime

This was the second graded assignment I got at Noroff. We were just starting animation at that time and so we were assigned a ride movie which only need animation on a basic level.


[list type=”dblue”]

  • Movie was to be created by teams of two
  • Minimum two different environments
  • Length between 30 and 90 seconds
  • Tools available was 3ds max 9 and Photoshop CS 3
  • Render engines allowed was Scanline, Mental Ray and V-Ray
  • Sound was not a part of the assignment
  • Time to complete the assignment was four weeks

[/list]My team consisted of me and the Australian Elwin Bradshaw. I had more technical experience than Elwin, but he on the other hand had years of experience designing and building TV sets among other things and positively brimmed with creativity and ideas. A good match in other words. Because our technical experience level was different, we settled for the Scanline render engine, as not to add another level of complexity. The first thing we set out to do after coming up with the script was to create a storyboard:

With the story fleshed out, we started building environments while researching music. Some environments were built entirely by me. Others were made by Elwin and later refined or looked over by me. Mainly, texturing, lighting and animation fell on my shoulders as Elwin didn’t feel quite comfortable in those areas, but he was with me every step of the way so that for instance an animation might be created by me, but would still fit Elwins’ vision.

WIP objects/environments:

WIP animations:

Final movie:

[tip]Download High Resolution Version (QuickTime) (49.2 MB)[/tip]


The sound was mixed in Apples’ GrarageBand and the movie itself was cut in Final Cut Pro.

Unfortunately, we were a little short on time near the end, resulting in some jerky camera movements, a rather quick round with the sound effects and a couple of animations we weren’t entirely satisfied with.

On the whole we quite liked the end result though and the assignment was graded an A. No competition this time.

I’m getting my next big graded assignment the coming monday; Character design and Animation. As we’ve done nothing but training for this assignment for the last two months, I might be posting some minor works I’ve done up until now. Then again I might not. I’ll at least try to do some work in progress posts when on my next assignment.

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