Cinematic logo revisited


It’s been a busy couple of days and therefore little activity on the site. On monday we presented our film idea and got some feedback. Might work some of it into the film. We then shifted focus to concept art as we need to have characters, environments, storyboard and animatic ready by the 12th of February.

We worked from home on tuesday as Jamie was still in Egypt and Andreas had to work. I spent my time revisiting the cinematic logo, working more on the fluid sim and started a high quality render (first image). Included a Z-depth pass to bring the other paint buckets out of focus (second image). May remove the extra buckets all together.


I also went on the hunt for temple references. Found that I really liked the designs of Santiago Calatrava. Might try convince the other team members to use some of his buildings as reference.

Lastly, I looked at ways to create a desert landscape that we’ll need for the beginning of the film. Just a test at this point, but what I have so far looks like this:


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