Noting down the key points


Today was a long day. When we arrived this morning, the storyboard wasn’t finished, the work on the animatic wasn’t even started, and there was a presentation to make. Add an ill team member and another that needed to leave early and you have the recipe for a long day at school. 

The day started by me separating the storyboard images we scanned the day before while Andreas and Jamie drew the last few frames. Then Jamie went on working on the animatic while Andreas and I started assembling the storyboard. After a while Andreas had to leave for work. Jamie continued working on the animatic with some help/input from me while I worked on the storyboard with some help/input from him. At long last we were both finished and we begun work on the Keynote presentation. Being rather tired, I just ripped off our previous presentation, replacing content and wrote nothing but headlines.

The whole process up to the concept art presentation has been rather tiresome for us as we’ve never been quite on schedule. This is in part because of holidays and illnesses as mentioned in the previous post, but I still feel we could have taken better advantage of the time we had. I don’t particularly like the feeling of being behind, so I think we should try to be more focused from now on.  

On another note, I worked some more on the temple exterior comp yesterday. Composited in the new temple, added some fire to the debris, adjusted the smoke opacity and made the fire cast light on its surroundings. Image in top of this post. I didn’t have my tablet (nope, not an affiliate link) when working though and for that reason I’m still not happy with the temple/debris edges. I think it’ll be good enough for concept art though :-)

Tomorrow, the concept art presentation will be over, and maybe we’ll be able to relax a bit.

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