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April 2009



So we’re finally at the animation stage. Or have been for the past few days. To get the most out of the remaining time, Andreas, Aleksander and Jamie are chipping away on the shots while I render them out and take them through compositing.


Tutorial: Postapocalyptic City Part 2

Compositing in After Effects is in many ways very similar to working in Photoshop. If you are familiar with layers, masks, blending modes and/or filters, compositing in After Effects should be a breeze.


Storyboard draft 2

As we’re refining the previz, the storyboard needs to reflect the changes and so we’ve come to draft 2. Jamie and Andreas drew the new frames and rearranged things based on class feedback yesterday and Aleksander and me digitized it today. The digital version can be downloaded below.


Signs, logs, slingshots and carrots

While the rest of the team were engaged in previz work yesterday, I had some time to kill while waiting for files to render. As we haven’t yet finished all of our props, I thought I’d create a few.