Another short in the can: Fetch!

Well, technically it’s been finished for a week now, I’ve just been too fed up to blog about it until now. The past month has been incredibly busy and seeing as my field, post production, comes last (who would have thought?), I haven’t been sleeping that much lately. Lack of sleep coupled with missed deadlines and frustration levels through the roof generally meant that keeping the blog updated became one thing too many. Taking an hour or two out of the on average five hours of sleep I got every night to blog didn’t feel particularly inviting. And if I had taken the time to do it anyway, it would probably have made for rather unpleasant reading.

So I’m picking up the thread a week later, now having had a few nights normal sleep and some time to relax and think about things other than the film. I’ll be back with a few posts about the past month and reflections on the finished film in the next few days.

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