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November 2009


We have some footage!

This Monday, Andreas and I went to the green screen studio in the Phoenix building to shoot some tests for our projects. This was basically to work out setups and camera angles before we do the real thing.


Putting together a presentation

Right after my last update I suffered a setback as the article I found and hoped I would be able to base the presentation on turned out to be more than 11 years old, and therefore isn’t very relevant anymore.


Storyboard for Advanced Visual Effects Module

After Bjørne helped me come up with a new idea for my AVE ICA (Advanced Visual Effects In Course Assessment, quite a mouthful) I’ve been meaning to create a storyboard so I can start test-shooting in the sound stage.


Finding an area to research

Ok, so I had a couple of meetings with Siobhan, the module leader, a few weeks back after I’d been digging through even more websites without much success. The meetings were quite helpful in that she helped me to flesh out a subject to research and present.


Project Specification

In this project I will explore methods and techniques used to produce digital visual effects shots. By using said techniques I will produce one or more visual effects shots that will become part of my show reel.


Advanced Visual Effects ICA & ideas

Just read the ICA. Looks good except the part about “must use XSI”. Hoping 3ds max or Maya can be used as well as I’ve never even set foot in XSI-land.

Other than that, I’m bouncing ideas around at the moment.