Ready for green screen shoot

Not much to report in AVE this week. After finishing the presentation I booked the green screen stage so I can shoot the footage I need for the ICA. The shoot will be on Wednesday this week. I’ve also found an actor.

To prepare for the shot I’ll have to print some A3 size lens distortion grids today or tomorrow. The reason for the A3 size is that the grid needs to fill the frame and that a smaller size will have to be too close to the camera to keep it in focus.

As I had some slight issues with sharpness on my test shoot, I want to spend half an hour shooting a test scene and doing a quick keying test to make sure the footage is nice and soft.

Given that everything goes according to plan on Wednesday I’ll be on schedule with the project. Next up will be creating the final environment, produce good keys for the shots and matchmove them.

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