Green screen shoot complete

As mentioned in my last post, I shot the footage for my AVE ICA this past Wednesday. That was the plan anyway. Turned out we overshot on time with a lot and only got three out of five shots before the day was over. Might have been the workshop we had on lighting a couple of weeks ago. We seemed to spend an awful amount of time on it. Whether the lighting actually is any good I’ll leave for others to decide. Fortunately, Mark was very kind to me and freed up the Thursday so we could leave everything as it was and come back and finish the next day.

Apart from taking a very long time the shoot went smoothly enough. I think I got all the measurements I needed, I shot lens distortion grids for every shot and photographed the settings on the lens after every shot for good measure.

A big thanks to Thomas Utbjoa who agreed to be the actor and all the other guys who took a couple of days off to help me out.

After the shoot, I keyed and tracked the first shot and must say I am reasonably happy with the result. Next up is creating the scene in 3D which needs to be finished by  26 February if I wish to keep on schedule.

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