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September 2010 Demo Reel

Once again my dear friends, the time has come to put out a new demo reel. The year at Teesside University is behind me and it is time to fill out job applications. Or so I’ve been told anyway.

Shot 4, final comp

AVE ICA complete at last

So here is the result of the past months work, from idea to storyboard, previs to film shoot, modelling to compositing. Hope it isn’t entirely hopeless :-)


Another short in the can: Fetch!

Well, technically it’s been finished for a week now, I’ve just been too fed up to blog about it until now. The past month has been incredibly busy and seeing as my field, post production, comes last (who would have thought?), I haven’t been sleeping that much lately.



So we’re finally at the animation stage. Or have been for the past few days. To get the most out of the remaining time, Andreas, Aleksander and Jamie are chipping away on the shots while I render them out and take them through compositing.


I still have a blog?

Wasn’t I supposed to blog every day? Or at least every day I worked on the student film project? Shoot, I keep forgetting. Well, there are actually a reason or two for my absence this time. Firstly, I’ve been ill, still am after a manor of fashion.


Cinematic logo revisited

It’s been a busy couple of days and therefore little activity on the site. On monday we presented our film idea and got some feedback. Might work some of it into the film. We then shifted focus to concept art as we need to have characters, environments, storyboard and animatic ready by the 12th of February.


Digital acting WIPs

Working on some digital acting assignments for school. The first one is a block animation where the character is to lift a heavy ball, carry it a couple of steps and then put it on top of a platform above the character.


Animated short: The Diversion

The Diversion” is an animated short film about an energetic old woman, Rose, who wholeheartedly wishes to enter a night club. When the guard at the door refuses her entry, she devises a series of clever schemes to get to the door without the guard knowing…


Speed Modeling

Had some speed modeling challenges at school last week. Most of them with an hour to complete modeling, texturing, lighting and rendering. Was quite happy with these two. Both scenes were lit using an HDR image and a single omni for shadows.