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Rough cut complete for the AVE ICA

This week I’ve delved further into Vue, figured out how to undistort and redistort my plates properly in NukeX and chosen and cut together the takes I’ll be using for the final scene.


Business Card

I made this business card to have something to hand out on Animex if needed. Thought it might be used for the …


Press release

This is a press release I am supposed to write for the Studio Practice & Business course module at Teesside University. Let me emphasise that this is a fictional press release for a theoretical company.


AVE work during Animex

As I attended my first Animex ever this week and I wanted to see everything, this was a bad week as far as productivity is concerned.


Business SWOT

Here is a quick SWOT analysis of my hypothetical SPB business


Green screen shoot complete

As mentioned in my last post, I shot the footage for my AVE ICA this past Wednesday. That was the plan anyway. Turned out we overshot on time with a lot and only got three out of five shots before the day was over.


Deciding on a business

This semester in SPB we’re supposed to create a business plan which is to be presented as a part of the ICA in April or May. The business idea can be based on a product, a company idea or on being a freelancer.


Ready for green screen shoot

Not much to report in AVE this week. After finishing the presentation I booked the green screen stage so I can shoot the footage I need for the ICA. The shoot will be on Wednesday this week. I’ve also found an actor.