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It’s been a while

So it’s been a while a few weeks a couple of months. First there was Easter, then there was intensive work to finish the final year project and write a good report, then Studio Practice & Business had its turn, and suddenly and without quite knowing how I got there, two months had just vanished.


This week in AVE

Another week has come and gone – way to quickly as usual. This week I’ve been looking at music for the scene, booked a foley audio recording session in the studio, experimented with keyers and possible looks and started match moving.


Rough cut complete for the AVE ICA

This week I’ve delved further into Vue, figured out how to undistort and redistort my plates properly in NukeX and chosen and cut together the takes I’ll be using for the final scene.


AVE work during Animex

As I attended my first Animex ever this week and I wanted to see everything, this was a bad week as far as productivity is concerned.


Green screen shoot complete

As mentioned in my last post, I shot the footage for my AVE ICA this past Wednesday. That was the plan anyway. Turned out we overshot on time with a lot and only got three out of five shots before the day was over.


AVE previs ready

Christmas is long gone and I’m back in Middlesbrough after a refreshing break. The first thing I had to focus on when I got back was to create a presentation for Advanced Visual Effects where we were to present a storyboard, previs, schedule and a couple of other things regarding the ICA.


We have some footage!

This Monday, Andreas and I went to the green screen studio in the Phoenix building to shoot some tests for our projects. This was basically to work out setups and camera angles before we do the real thing.


Storyboard for Advanced Visual Effects Module

After Bjørne helped me come up with a new idea for my AVE ICA (Advanced Visual Effects In Course Assessment, quite a mouthful) I’ve been meaning to create a storyboard so I can start test-shooting in the sound stage.


Advanced Visual Effects ICA & ideas

Just read the ICA. Looks good except the part about “must use XSI”. Hoping 3ds max or Maya can be used as well as I’ve never even set foot in XSI-land.

Other than that, I’m bouncing ideas around at the moment.