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Previz draft 1 complete

It’s been a hard week for the Green Spill team. Due to people shortage and some technical difficulties we hadn’t even started work on our previz when we arrived at school on Tuesday. As the previz is to be handed in tomorrow morning at nine, this left precious little time for animating, rendering, applying post and editing the thing.


Babysitting the previz render farm

Yes. I know, it is way, way too long since my last post. A new round with the flu and a death in the family slowed things down considerably for a while. I’m back now though and we have charged into the previz.


Digital acting WIPs

Working on some digital acting assignments for school. The first one is a block animation where the character is to lift a heavy ball, carry it a couple of steps and then put it on top of a platform above the character.


Animated short: The Diversion

The Diversion” is an animated short film about an energetic old woman, Rose, who wholeheartedly wishes to enter a night club. When the guard at the door refuses her entry, she devises a series of clever schemes to get to the door without the guard knowing…


A simple character

The teacher told us to create a simple 3d character for use in the upcoming animation lessons. I came up with this one. Made a face for him too, but that’s not quite ready yet. I prefer to keep him anonymous for now.


Walk cycle complete and rendered!

Finished at last. Well, nearly. Still need to come up with three still image poses + wires, design the DVD cover/label and create a keynote presentation. Good thing the deadline is still weeks days hours away.


We’re getting somewhere…

Gotten a bit further now. I’ve almost finished modeling the character and have put up some simple textures that I’ll replace at a later time.


A minor update

Finally started the character itself. This is still an early version with a lot of details missing, the head being the most obvious one :) No fancy grass or textures are added as I wanted a speedy render before bed.