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Noting down the key points

Today was a long day. When we arrived this morning, the storyboard wasn’t finished, the work on the animatic wasn’t even started, and there was a presentation to make. Add an ill team member and another that needed to leave early and you have the recipe for a long day at school.


The curse of storyboarding

Today, we worked to finish the current storyboard draft for the upcoming presentation, but somehow we didn’t seem to get very far. We’ve estimated that we need about 70 frames for this draft and so far we’ve only just passed 20. This is partly caused by the untimely illness of one of our team members, but even so we should have gotten further.


The era of concept art draws nigh

Today we worked some more on the storyboard, advanced the plot of the story and had some more concept art made. As concept art and story boards aren’t what I would call my area of expertise, I didn’t actually draw much, but participated in the discussions.