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SPB Research Presentation & Notes

I had the presentation in Studio Practice & Business this Wednesday. As I don’t particularly enjoy being the centre of attention, holding presentations isn’t exactly a favourite of mine, though I believe it went reasonably well.


About the trip to London

So I’m back from London and as it turned out, I actually found out a thing or two that might be useful for my research presentation this coming Wednesday(!).


Putting together a presentation

Right after my last update I suffered a setback as the article I found and hoped I would be able to base the presentation on turned out to be more than 11 years old, and therefore isn’t very relevant anymore.


Finding an area to research

Ok, so I had a couple of meetings with Siobhan, the module leader, a few weeks back after I’d been digging through even more websites without much success. The meetings were quite helpful in that she helped me to flesh out a subject to research and present.


Presenting the idea

Having put the rather horrible business of having to do actual planning and budgeting behind us, we spent the day creating a presentation for the coming monday. On that date, the team is to present their idea to the rest of the class, meaning planning, story, concept art, company logo and whatever else we’ve produced the last two weeks.