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Storyboard draft 2

As we’re refining the previz, the storyboard needs to reflect the changes and so we’ve come to draft 2. Jamie and Andreas drew the new frames and rearranged things based on class feedback yesterday and Aleksander and me digitized it today. The digital version can be downloaded below.


Previz draft 1 complete

It’s been a hard week for the Green Spill team. Due to people shortage and some technical difficulties we hadn’t even started work on our previz when we arrived at school on Tuesday. As the previz is to be handed in tomorrow morning at nine, this left precious little time for animating, rendering, applying post and editing the thing.


Babysitting the previz render farm

Yes. I know, it is way, way too long since my last post. A new round with the flu and a death in the family slowed things down considerably for a while. I’m back now though and we have charged into the previz.


On downtime and the next big assignment

Long time, no see. Again. Not entirely my fault this time though. The downtime I wrote about earlier did indeed come to pass as none of the companies with admin access to my domain name were willing to lift a finger to help me move to a new ISP.