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Cinematic logo revisited

It’s been a busy couple of days and therefore little activity on the site. On monday we presented our film idea and got some feedback. Might work some of it into the film. We then shifted focus to concept art as we need to have characters, environments, storyboard and animatic ready by the 12th of February.


Stayed up anyway…

Turned out the render was faster than expected, so stayed up and finished it. Really bad render quality, but I’ll rerender later. We had a 10 second limit on this – the animation is 10 seconds while the audio is longer. Hoping that’s enough of a loophole :-)


Finishing that logo

Due to various reasons, and against better judgement, I didn’t get around to continue work on the Green Spill cinematic logo before today, one day before the deadline.


And thus three became four

After carefully reviewing his resume, making him go through half a dozen exhausting character/personality tests and hours of discussion on our part, we’ve finally decided to add a fourth member to our team at Green Spill Studios.